-- Ken - 2015
format - Full HD, 25fps, color, with stereo sound
length - 35 mins
produced by - THEVIEW Studio for "Sant'Ilario Pavilion Project", Vittorio Dapelo and Francesco Garutti
actors - Tommy Camerno, Davide Stucchi, Alice Arcuri, Maria Teresa Telara, Marco de Gaudio, Mauro Tonazzini, Adriano Gerbi, Michele Basaldella
voices - Daniel Hendrickson, Richard Hancock, Anna Schmidt, Marzia Tedschi, Seby Ciurcina, Ruben Montini
cinematography - Julia Lemke
sound design - Manuela Schininá
color grading - Carolina Soares
title design - Clemens Jahn
translation - Luca Iemi
featuring artworks by - Ian Law
in cooperation with - The Tuscany Film Commission, Genova Liguria Film Commission, Genova Film Service, Ristorante Ciccio Marina, Tor Art & C. S.n.C., Studio d'Arte Telara, Carrara, NexFilm Berlin, Medienwerkstatt Berlin im Kulturwerk des BBK Berlin GmbH
presentations - Pavilion Suite, Palazzo Durazzo-Cattaneo Adorno, Genova, curated by THEVIEW studio / Francesco Garutti

-- Compendium for Revisiting the Pool - 2015
format - silent Full HD, 25fps, color
length - 12 mins 27 secs
presentations - Pool video and text about the pool video, Seen Through, Stuttgart - Feb.-Mar. 2015

-- Revisiting the Pool - 2013 - Left in the changing room, taking off a red leather jacket, sharing green shower gel, wearing a black speedo, walk to the pool, play at drowning friends, wait on the lane barrier, float upsidedown, sink into the water, free-diving, going down into the underwater pit, into total blackness, get out of the pool, shower, get dressed, put on white trainers, remove some lint.
format - EDTV, 16:9, 29.97fps, color, with sound
length - 12 mins 29 secs
presentations - Pool video and text about the pool video, Seen Through, Stuttgart - Feb.-Mar. 2015

-- Tom - The toilet freshener in the studio smells like the one in Gauguin's old house, they prepare a complicated visual effects shot, take off your shirt for the tracking marks, wake up in CDG airport, staying with some guy in the apartment at Gauguin's old house, so many French pastries, how to tell if a racing bike is the right size, rabbit skin glue smells like cum, drawing portraits is erotic, prints of skin, what's a slipstream, pulling flesh off a chicken carcass, Tom's paintings of fools.

-- Gorgias - Socrates arrives with friends, Polus questions Chaerephon on his behalf, Julian works the teleprompter, Gorgias gets a text message and has to leave, Christian enters the apartment, Michael has to go to the shrink, the gallery owner flirts and watches Loretta's video too, the origins of religious representation with Kippenberger paintings, he's seeing someone else, I play the recorder, his mom is talking about the era of Aristotle, he sleeps with the gallery owner, what is your idea of intimacy if your intimate with everyone, dreams of the construction of the Neue-Nationalgalerie, they go see Prometheus, they also go see Prometheus.
format - Full HD, 25fps, color, with sound
with - Christian Tonner
featuring - John Beeson, Julian Curico, Mathias Kruger, André Wendler
director of photography - Julia Lemke
2nd camera - Beny Wagner

-- Set #31 - Susanna has been locked in the closet, Mickey needs a place to stay tonight, Daan is stepping on the Edmund's toes, the gardener is drunk, Valery shot Andy, James got mad at Sarah because of someone else, The Countess actually hasn't slept with the page boy, someone stole Edmund's computer, Henri didn't die well enough, the bean soup burnt, the camera was stolen, Figaro is resurrected.
format - Full HD, color, with sound
production designer / producer - Sarah Elliott
co-producer - Piet Zwart Institute Rotterdam
executive producer - Petra van der Kooij
cast - Niek Alten, Mickey van Rijn, Ottavia Nigris, Henri van Adelberg, Kieran Dolan, Fiona James, Floris Timman, Tiziana Chessa
costume design and casting - Kirsty Roberts
director of photography - Edmund Cook
based on the italian libretto for Mozart's Le nozze di Figaro by Lorenzo Da Ponte
extra dialogue written together with - Kirsty Roberts, Sarah Elliott and Edmund Cook

-- Pentelikon - 2014 - A mountain in a wealthy suburb of Athens, it was late October, there were reports of green orbs of light, two dogs joined on the hike up to the abandoned NATO base, the commercial quarries have been closed since the 70's, the explosives that have damaged the Parthanon and Syntagma square, a silhouette of a man at the mouth of the Devil's Cave, some sort of white creature disappears behind an abandoned column, this is the birth place of theatre, the bathrooms in the city's hotels are clad in marble, a humanoid emerges from the stone.
format - Full HD, 25fps, color, with sound
length - 10 mins / 10 mins 58 secs
with the voice of - Sabina Donnelly
sound production assistance - Jacopo Vannini
made with the support of - Medienweekstatt, BBK Berlin
presentations - pcnc_bay XII : mixtape group exhibition, Ve.sch, Vienna - May 2014

-- Protagoras - 2012 - The making of domestic environments, how our clients spend their time socially and alone, what are their social dynamics, throw your hair back, group psychotherapy sessions, a character study of the domestic life, cut something, ideas of healthy living, edit the plans on the computer, hammer a piece on an architectural model, place your own ideology in the film, the social dynamics are heightened, to show off a bit, shot chronologically, charting on-screen movements, adjust the floral shirt, some of the other characters like Marcia Cross, we need a modelling agency, laugh throw your head back and drink some beer from a can, place an ideology.
format - EDTV, 4:3, 30fps, color, with sound
length - 12 mins 27 seconds
featuring Cathy de Haan, Jasper Griepink
with the voice of Kirsty Roberts
presentations - Monaco Magazine Issue 5, Royal College of Arts, London 2012

-- Set #30 - 2012 - The cast are all protagonists, a knock on the palace door, Mozart tries to convince the king, I'd want to be a whale, climbing up inside the statue of liberty, a death wish for Moby Dick, it's unsuitable for our theatre, a lamentation by a puppet, an opera yes it's true, Bowie talks as Warhol, my sister Antoinette writes me she is frightened of her own people, some hundred steps, just a frolic, it's so new people will go mad for it, sell a painting, the maid comes into the argument, up the lift?, the gardener joins in, no elevator I walked up just like you, then the lawyer joins etcetera, when more than one person talk at the same time its noise, but music is not the issue here, choose more elevated themes, can I just show you?
format - DV 480p, 4:3, 25fps, color, with sound
length - 4 mins 45 seconds
presentations - Monaco Magazine Issue 6, David Roberts Art Foundation, London 2012; 'Sym-Posium: Life will be frozen peaches and cream baby, dream your dream!', Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam 2012

-- Re-Made 'Slow Motion' - 2009 - A long pan of the sky of the inside of the gallery, call in 3 months time and I'll be fine, painting coloured squares with Evita, the tricks you can try on your partner and a stack of blue plastic chairs, musical revolution behind a German beer bench, my bedding, the art history class talks in the corridor with a long tracking shot, Anne talks with the artist who worked there with me, the Kahn has a big necklace, following shot with no one in the frame, the cleaner vacuums and I mimic a shot of a girl with a packing blanket on a chair, Andersen sings a song about ducks to a little boy with a blue stack of chairs and Philipp gets off the phone, Anne will pass by later, chocolates and cinematic strings, a laugh followed by a booming trumpet, the entrance in silence, projection-screen blue from below a chair with the art historian talking to Anne, night time in the gallery talking about little tricks to relaxing without masterbating, just the blurred background wondering if it's that time of month, the back door in the courtyard smashes closed with my shoes on the wooden floor, windows on screen and in the shot, Kate Winslet says because it's not true - I need my freedom, the extension cable with a hoorn, applause on the blue day bed ladies and gentlemen Lenny Bruce 'Super Jew' ... a nun but only on Fridays, king kong is ready now.
format - DV 480p, 4:3, 30fps, color, with sound
length - 37 mins 21 seconds
made with the support of Hermes und der Pfau, Stuttgart
presentations - An invitation, a score, and plans to re-make 'Slow Motion', Hermes und der Pfau, Stuttgart Nov 2009-Jan 2010; Monaco Magazine Issue 2, ICA, London 2010; Programme Three: The Studio as Non-Place, Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, Australia 2011

-- Set #17 - 2008
format - DV 480p, 4:3, 30fps, color, with sound
length - 39 mins 29 seconds
made with the support of Natalia Stachon / Next Visit Berlin
presentations - 'Zayne Armstrong / Olaf Habbelman', Next Visit, Berlin 2008

-- Schizo Archive - 2016
by - Katrine Dirckinck-Holmfeld, Arendse Krabbe, Mathias Krüger and Nina Wengel
with - Moritz Fehr | Faux Terrain Films

-- Cormorous - 2016
by - Simon Dybbroe Møller

-- Refugees Welcome - 2016
directed by - Bruce LaBruce

-- The Misandrists - 2016
directed by - Bruce LaBruce

-- Episode 2: Corridors at OSLO10, Basel - 2015
produced by - Agatha Valkyrie Ice & OSLO10, Basel
edited by - Ana Andra & Zayne Armstrong
cinematography - Moritz Schermbach
featuring - Berlin Community Radio, Harry Burke, @Gaybar, Fez Momo, Anastasia Filipovna, Lars TCF Holdhus, Puppies Puppies, Prop&Lean, Sarah Elliott, Ian Law, Lisbent, Garrett Nelson, Lord Soft, Ramaya Tegegne, Claire Tolan, Young Boy Dancing Group, Young Girl Reading Group, and Anna Zett.

-- Episode 1: Welcome to Ai Crib! - 2015
written by - Zayne Armstrong, Egle Kulbokeite, Dorota Gaweda
format - Full HD, 25fps, color, with sound
length - 13 mins 37 secs
produced by - Agatha Valkyrie Ice & OSLO10, Basel
with - DJ HVAD, Lisbent, T-Drunk, Asian Eyez & Ginger Boss
presentations - The Way of the Novel, Oracle, Berlin - 27 May-29 June

-- OSLO10, Basel
co-curator April 2015 to March 2017

-- FluidØ
directed by - Shu Lea Cheang

-- Untitled (How Does It Feel) - 2014
by - Simon Dybbroe Møller

-- A Day In The Life Of Bliss - 2014
by - Wu Tsang

-- Pierott Lunaire - 2014
directed by - Bruce LaBruce

-- Sweets In Jars, Seeds In Bags, Jars In Stores, Bags In Stores - 2012
co-curated by - Zayne Armstrong, John Beeson, Manuel Scheiwiller
with contributions from - Thomas Baldischwyler, Stefan Burger, Olivier Castel, Francis Frederick, Laure Prouvost, Kirsty Roberts, Kilian Rüthemann, Manuel Scheiwiller, S/Z

-- S/Z - 2007 to present

-- A view, a vista, and plans to stage a beach vacation, 2012
published in - Monaco Magazine: Issue 6, London, 2012

-- Review 9/2/2013, 2013

-- Sweets in Jars, Seeds in Bags, Jars in Stores, Bags in Stores, 2012

-- Review 28/12/2012, 2012

-- A Dream Made Reality: Marshall Who?, 2012

-- Character Studies, 2012
presented at - Upominki, Rotterdam, 2012

-- Linda

I found a bunch of stuff in this flat file drawer, at Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam, labeled 'Linda', who I am pretty sure is a girl who graduated last year.

Olivia, who is on the course is running an exhibition platform in the first floor of the fine art building, called De Kunstinstituti, physically centering on this flat file. My show was the second show it hosted. The first had nothing to do with the flat file tho, not directly at least.

I found this drawer with another on the course named Jane, and we decided to take some of the things in the drawer, presumably to use in our work - and then I realized that I was actually not into any of the items individually per se and was more interested in this collection of items as a whole: wooden dowels, model making materials, thin sheets of bass wood, some plastic pieces, a section of Styrofoam, a few multiples of b/w photographic prints of caves, a record with a cave on the cover, a few text prints, pieces of tan lycra jersey, light pink paper, etc.

Jane let me have everything in the drawer for the exhibition - initially she had wanted to keep some of the items and upon preparing the invitation to the show I asked her about the wording of this notice in the text about Jane's ownership of some of the items, and she said she didn't mind not having them back, or something to this effect.

So I changed the name on the drawer to mine.
Earlier this week I photographed all these items, in my studio, against a grey tack-board, forming a kind of catalogue or index of the items.

Yesterday I asked Olivia to come have a look at the items to talk about the presentation of them as a potential exhibition in De Kunstinstituti, and after a concise conversation about my interests in this collection of items as a sort of biography of 'Linda', while the items are also charged with being discarded, or left behind, or thrown away even, we there and then wrote a text / invitation for the show and decided it should take place that evening. At 6 pm a room previously functioning as our programs' computer lab, was emptied in order to change the use of the space (I think it will be studios). During this interstice I asked all the students who were around to help me carry the items from my studio to this empty room.

Lot's of people helped and once all those who had helped had put the items down that they were carrying I announced that they could take what they wanted.

And in a sort of flurry, people snatched things up, and most of the items were gone in less than 5 minutes.

-- Reading Pragmatism with A Bottlebrush Plant in the Room, 2011
published in - Casco Issues XII: Generous Structures

-- After a Description of a Struggle, 2009

-- A Rewriting of Decreation, 2011
exhibition text for - Ian Law 'Add a description', galeria plan b, Berlin 2011